Historic Preservation

History of the Replica Liberty Bell: Every State in America has a replica of the Liberty Bell, well, they should! In 1950 the United States Department of the Treasury had 55 full sized replicas of the Liberty Bell cast in Annecy-le-Vieux, France. On completion of the bells each state and territories of the United States and the District of Columbia recieved one as a gift. The bells were to be displayed and rung on patriotic occassions. The project was part of a Savings Bond drive (May 15 to July 4th 1950) which used the slogan "Save for Your Independence".

Colorado Replica Liberty Bell

Colorado's Replica Liberty Bell is currently located on the Lower Capital Lawn in Lincoln Park, Denver.

Colorado's climate conditions and years of neglect have resulted in a dire need to restore the bell's mounting structure and preserve it for future generations.  It will take a collective effort throughout the State of Colorado to return the replica to a more stable, fully functioning bell. Only then can it be rung on patriotic occasions and be preserved as a symbol of individual freedom for which our nation stands.

The Mount Rosa Chapter of the DAR -Daughters of the American revolution have taken on the challenge of restoring the bell to operating order as well as enhancing the bells presence within Civic Park.





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